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Luciano Quercia was born in Foggia on 16/11/87. Finished high school in june 2006 at ITC Blaise Pascal institute, he started, for a short period, working as a bookkeeper at Moira Orfei circus. In 2007 he was assumed by a company in the field of information technology consulting (the same company of --->) moving to Milan. He attended an academic year at Bicocca computing university of Milan ... but he had never finished his study because of the exhausting work! :P

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Andrea Palmieri, class 1978, was born on 30/03 in Turin where he attended primary school and the first two years of secondary school before moving to Cagliari with his family; here, after attending secondary school, he attended G.Brotzu high school where he graduated in 1996. From 1997 to 2000 he attended the Physics university at Cagliari, then he moved (for various reasons) to Catania where he continued to study. In 2007, after being assumed by a big company in the field of information technology consulting, he moved to Lombardia, where he actually work. He attended Bicocca computing university of Milan and established his residence in Legnano.

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